Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I got 'em done!  Just in time!

So last year we dressed up to a Lord of the Rings theme.  My husband was Aragorn, I was Aarwen, and the boys were Hobbits (Sooooo adorable!!!)  But I made the costumes based on the Halloween I was used... the kind where it could snow when you go trick-or-treating... The kind where Ward Halloween parties are... inside...  We were DYING of heat!  The party was outside, after dark, but it was still really warm!

So this year, I planned accordingly!

The Tails....


Short Sleeved Shirts - Check!  
Shorts - Check!  
Simple - Check!  
Everyone thinks they are AWESOME - CHECK!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Check out a tutorial on these awesome costumes HERE

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