Monday, October 5, 2015

Robin Hood Birthday Party!!!

My Mr. A has turned 3!!!  As anyone who has talked to him in the last few months knows, he is obsessed with Robin Hood!  We have probably watched the movie 5-6 times a week for a month now! yikes! (disclaimer, we're not big TV people, so most of the time it is watched in chunks over the course of a day or two)  I took the internet/pintrest for ideas, and I sort of found some ideas... so I pulled them all together and came up with this Totally-Awesome-Toddler-Robin Hood Birthday Party!!!

 First, a Robin Hood Shirt for the Birthday Boy!  See my post HERE for instructions!

Punch Board!  Basically we painted a piece of poster board ($Store!) green, traced a big cup, cut some holes, then we put red (apple tree) tissue paper behind and paper bags (cut short) with goodies behind them (glue stick)  Then the kiddos could 'punch' through the tissue to find a little goodie!

Nottingham/Sherwood Forest signs!  Basically just cut out of thick cardboard (like an inch thick!), then covered it in paper mache, painted brown, then wrote the words.  I figured the words didn't have to be perfect since it was supposed to look like a hand-done old-timey.  I then hot glued some jute-string to hang them :)

Tax collection box!  Just a small box painted brown!  Then little bags from some scrap fabric I had and some more jute that I attached for a string to tie them shut.  We filled them with a handful of 'gold coins' (pirate coins!) from our party store.  I used lace on one of them for a little girl that was going to come.  Each kiddo got to take one home!

For Goodie bags I just used brown lunch sacks and wrote their names with marker.  

Target cupcakes!  Green cupcakes, green frosting (Green=Robin Hood around here... Green Balloons = Robin Hood balloons) and these awesome chocolate targets!  See how to make them HERE.

Pull-string-Target-pinata!  See the instructions HERE!

For our family birthday party we made this awesome 'Robin Hood' birthday cake!  Basically just a bundt cake with more green frosting and chocolate targets and arrows!

The Kiddos had so much fun at the party!  

Happy Birthday Mr. A!!

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