Friday, October 7, 2016

Be-YOU-tiful Bow Hanger DIY!

My husband jokes that I've waited 27 years for a girl, he's not going to hold me back in making cutesy girl things!  I am the oldest in my family with three younger brothers and then our first two kiddos are boys (of course)!  So when we found out our sweet baby is going to be a girl, we were both kind of excited!

Now over the years I have made things here and there for little girls, sometimes for our nieces, and sometimes just in hope of a future daughter.

So I have a couple of bows and headbands and I wanted a cute way to display and organize them!

I always want her to feel beautiful, in a gorgeous dress or a slumpy t-shirt, so I give you the Be-YOU-tiful bow hanger!

Ribbon of choice.  I recommend a satin ribbon or woven, 1inch.  A sheer won't be as strong or hold it's shape as long!

Canvas!  This was one left over from my button art project last year.  

In addition, hot glue, tulle, and a staple gun.

First I painted the canvas purple and in yellow at the top "Be-You-tiful!"
Then I figured out about how far apart I wanted the ribbon, measured and glued the ribbon down. 

I also glued down some tulle to the top for a hanger.  After the glue dried I stapled the ribbon and tulle down to make sure they wouldn't pull off.

Voila! Bow holder for all the bows little girl will surely have! (especially if I have anything to do with it!)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Halloween Crow Wreath

Well, somehow I managed to not get any pictures of the process, but I made this awesome Halloween Crow wreath for my Husband's cousin, and it was SO EASY!!!

You'll Need:

A Wreath Form, mine was a wicker one, which I thought was cool because it looked like a nest or sticks on a tree.

Crows to go around.  Mine were from the dollar store, they are foam with feathers and black glittery!

Trusty Hot Glue Gun.  Seriously, where would a crafter be without hot glue?!

floral wire (or other wire) and wire cutters

First: Spray paint the wreath black!

Next: I pulled off the feet from each crow and wired them to the wreath.  I stuck the floral wire in the holes where the feet came out and a glob of hot glue.  Then I put a glob of glue on the bottom of the birds and wired them to the wreath.  Once the glue had set I went around from the bottom of the wreath and filled in any gaps between the birds and the wreath with glue.

You'll have to decide where you want the wreath to line up with the birds.  I wanted to make use of the widest part of the birds to use less birds, so placed my birds accordingly.  If you want a bigger wreath or to use more birds attach them closer to the head, where they are more narrow.

When everything is dry, take some black paint and touch up any spots that aren't black anymore.  Some of the glitter had rubbed off the tops, and there were white spots where I had pulled the feet out.

Finally hang up your awesome wreath on a wreath hanger or use some floral wire to wire it to a hook or nail or thumbtack on your door.