Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Decorations!

When Christmas is over and all the Christmas decorations come down, the house just seems.... drab...  As if winter is hard enough sometimes, all the festivities are over, and the world becomes visually dull.  Especially if you live somewhere with snow and ice!  January/February can be that nasty month where it is just nasty cold and yet it doesn't snow so everything turns a nasty grayish-brownish color as the snow half-melts and mixes with the mud on the road and everyone has the same car color, salty-gray.

Now, in Arizona January has been beautiful so far!  Mostly clear skies and temperatures in the upper 60s-70 degrees! 

Just the same, January is winter and deserves it's own set of decorations!  Right now mine are really simple, I don't even have anything for our front door (I don't remember if I used anything last year, but I'm pretty sure the year before my star-wreath for Christmas stayed up until Valentines day....)  But I still like to celebrate the frosty blues and whites of winter!

This cube-vase sits in the center of my mantle between the pictures of my husband and I and our boys.  I actually switch out the contents for most seasons to keep things simple.  All I have here are some small blue flowers from my 'stash' (aka. former projects that I had leftovers from) and some pinecones the boys and I gathered from my in-laws' yard.  Now the pine cones I actually painted with a way-thinned down white paint, then brushed with glue and dipped in epson salts to give them a frosty-morning-frost, kind of look.  I thinned my glue as well, but I don't suggest it, my salt is falling of.

I also have this large vase full of pinecones (not painted) and a silver bow, sitting on my piano.

The only other thing I have is an 8x10 black picture frame with this free printable in it:

Only difference is I only have a B&W printer so I used my trusty markers to add some blue and yellow to it (traced the letters mostly and filled in a few)

I desperately want more, but just haven't found the time, motivation, or frankly, inspiration.  

I am thinking maybe this Pinecone-cluster for the front door, with a blue or silver ribbon.  Maybe burlap/jute.

And I really want something to hang across the fireplace, maybe something like this:

in "Let it Snow"

I'm just worn out from the holidays and now potty training - I don't have the motivation to do anything too big!

Let me know what your favorite fast, easy, and cheap winter decorations are!  Any ideas to finish sprucing up my home for the month?  Comment below!

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