Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Decorations - Burlap Leaves!

I have this great container on my piano that I love to put fun things in for the holidays!  All summer it kind of sat there, sad, empty, and neglected.  So I figured for fall I might as well put something in it, since I can practically decorate for three months at once!

First I painted a piece of burlap I had in fall colors.  Totally random, no intentional pattern.

I found three leaves I liked online and cut them out
(thank you google search!)


Then I cut leaves from the burlap.

Scraps... couldn't figure out what to do with them, so they went in the trash.

Finished leaves

Then I hot-glued them on some branches from our tree out front, and stuck them in!

The container was actually originally full of cotton candy that I wrapped in jute (with a whole bunch of hot glue!).  I just change out the ribbon with the season!  All spring/summer it was a green ribbon, now it's a strip of burlap and some red lace (fall and Christmas, score!)

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