Monday, February 15, 2016

Love potions! - Singing-time Science!

So I got this really great idea from a friend, and then I saw it again a couple other places and thought, YES!  I want to do that!  So I give you one of the funnest singing-time activities you will do this year!  

So when I tested the idea I did it one way.  When I actually did this, I did it a bit different, but the concepts are the same!

The basis for this project is the classic, baking soda and vinegar reaction.

So for the practice round I put a about a half cup of vinegar in each of my containers and a drop of food coloring in each spoon (one spoon for each container)

Then I covered the food coloring with baking soda, thereby hiding the color!

Then I let Mr. A and Mr. C stir the vinegar, thereby creating some beautiful, colorful, foam!

They had a blast with it!  they had enough fun that I decided it would be great for primary!

Now for the changes I made for primary.  

First, I used jars with lids so I could bring them home easily and not worry about making a mess.
Second, I made some awesome labels to play off of it being Valentines Day when I did it.  (those labels are below, feel free to use them!)
Third, instead of putting the food coloring in the spoons, I put it on the bottom of the jar and had the kids pour the vinegar over the soda instead.  It worked even better!!!  The moment the vinegar hits the soda it foamed way up and the kids LOVED it!
Finally, I put the jars on a cookie sheet with a towel to soak up any spills... which, every-single jar overflowed, so it was a really good idea!

Now one thing I learned in Primary.... figure out any color mixing ahead of time.  My 'purple' first turned out grey, then brown (I added more red)  yeah... oh, and it turned my towel maroon (which, shockingly enough, I got all that color you see out!)

Enjoy!  This is super-duper fun!

Love Potion Labels
these are mine, don't sell them please, but use them, love them, and share them!

Blank Labels
Labels you can make your own :)

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