Saturday, September 26, 2015

Target Pull-Pinata - Robin Hood Birthday!

Mr. A is way into Robin Hood, so we planned him a Robin Hood Birthday party!  I thought a piñata would be fun, and he thought a target piñata would be a must!  So here goes!

First cut two circles from cardboard (a front and a back)

Then I cut strips two inches wide from an old cereal box and started to tape them around one circle.  You only see a little tape compared to how much I used in the long run!  eventually I broke out the masking tape, and then the duct tape!  When I added the decorations, it became totally secure! 

I sketched where I wanted each color to be then cut tissue paper into long strips, fringed it, and started glueing!  I used hot glue and started on the out side (cereal box part) then moved in.  Basically 6 inches of hot glue, lay down tissue, again and again.  I put each round 1/4 - 1/2 inch apart.

Finally I cut free a flap on the bottom and cut some slits through which I threaded some green ribbon.  I threaded about 12 pieces through, but only ONE was attached.  The one that was attached I cut shorter than the others.  The idea is that each child got 1-2 turns to pull out a ribbon, the last one was the attached one and pulled open the piñata letting loose the goodies inside!  For more details, and another rendition of a pull-Pinta, visit Fancy Frugally, for a more detailed tutorial.

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