Saturday, October 10, 2015

LDS General Conference!

As you may recall, I am a Mormon, and I'm proud of it!  Twice a year rather than going to our local church for Sunday services we watch what we call General Conference.  During General Conference we have the opportunity to listen to the Prophet and Apostles and be spiritually uplifted!  We can listen at many of our chapels, on TV (BYUTV) online ( on pretty much any device (BYUTV app), on the radio (in certain areas), or through various streaming devices (we used ROKU through the BYUTV station).  Obviously it is very important to us to be able hear the words that are spoken!  In case you are interested you can listen, watch, or read the talks given HERE.  I truly believe that these men and women that lead and guide our church and that spoke at conference last weekend, are called of God to help us to obtain eternal life!  Try it out for yourself!  Go listen!

Last October there was a fantastic talk given by Elder David A. Bednar, titled, Come and See.  

This is just a snipet, and if you do nothing else today, click on no other link from my blog, please, listen to this super short video!  It explains so much!

And if you have just a little more time, here is the whole video:

I hope that this will help you understand me, and others who believe like me, just a little bit better!  

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