Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grandma's Wash Stand - Part 4

I did some more!

So the wash stand had that white-with-gold speckles-counter top-stuff on it, that was old and scratched and, well, I just wanted the wood I figured was underneath!  So, being our garage generally hangs out around 95F in the summer the glue had softened to the point that it just peeled right off in some places!  for the rest of it I took a putty knife and our hammer and peeled off the rest!

Insert putty knife, tap with hammer, pull, repeat.

Bit by bit it came off rather easily!

And before I knew it, it was all off!  the glue however... well, that was actually easy too!

Remember the paint stripper I've been using?  Well, turns out it turns old, dry glue chunks into slime in no time flat!  the glue literally wiped right off! 

Guess what?!  Same beautiful oak under the top as everywhere else!  All I have left is a little bit of paint to remove and sanding!  More to come!!

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