Friday, October 23, 2015

Potty Training - 3 days? Seriously??

A week before Mr. A's Birthday we decided it was time.  It was time to potty train!!!  I felt brave and strong and ready!  I had read lots of articles, I had given it a go two other times so I figured I knew what I needed to do!  I have seen several of those, Potty Train your Child in 3 days!  or How I Potty Trained my Son in one Weekened articles, so figured, how hard could this be!  I rolled up the rug (most of our house is tile), closed all the bedroom doors, gathered my cleaning supplies, and laid out the undies!  We made a sticker chart and I got the stickers ready!  At the time Mr. A was in to Robin Hood, so it is a money bag!

Day 1: I let him run around in nothin' but his undies... we went through almost all of the clean ones we had... about 7 pairs.  By the end of the day we were ALL sick and tired of the inside of the bathroom!  We had watched Daniel Tiger - Daniel Tiger Goes Potty at least a dozen times and the whole family can still sing the song,

If you've got to go potty, 
and go right away!
Flush and Wash
and be on your way! 

Mr. A had started crying and fighting every time we went to the bathroom, probably because we were going EVERY 15 MIN.  Yuck!

Day 2:  We took it easy and put on a pull up and went to the store.  We went to 'the party store' and got a goodie :)  Everyone enjoyed the door more and we actually had less accidents, yay! But we still have accidents.

Day 3: We settled into a routine, I asked about every 45 minutes if he needed to go.  Some accidents but a lot of success!  We got some 'Jake' stickers on day 2 which helped a lot.  We also instigated the possibility of 'peeing on the tree' in the backyard :D  Seriously, he is a boy, through and through!


Day 35: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! We still haven't mastered this?!?!?!?!???  We finally gave up for a while and will get back to it...

So what happened??  I don't really know, but I do know this.

1 - Mr. A is PERFECTLY capable of 'holding it' 
2 - Mr. A is AWARE.  He knows when he needs to go.
      2a - Sometimes he chooses to ignore the urge
      2b - Sometimes he is preoccupied and doesn't notice
3 - Mr. A is NOT INTERESTED in using the bathroom!  He would RATHER do it in his pants.  He will generally tell me the SECOND he is done, but he just doesn't want to!

So, if you want advice on how to train your kid fast, don't ask me!  All I know is that Mr. A was not interested and thus not ready.  Wait for it, but jump when the moment comes!  He was interested about a year ago, but holidays happened and it just didn't happen.  Now he doesn't care.  

We have been back in diapers for a month now.

I want to try again and have been talking to Mr. A about it, but he still shows no interest.

If you have any ideas let me know!  I will let you know if I have any success!  Until then, back to the drawing board!

PS.  His sticker chart still hangs on the wall in the bathroom, full and then some, some places have layers of stickers :)  He did like the stickers ;)


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