Tuesday, September 29, 2015

White-Chocolate Targets - Robin Hood Birthday!

For Mr. A's Birthday he wanted Robin Hood cupcakes, which translated as green cupcakes with targets on top... ?  As I looked around I saw lots of ideas, but I didn't fancy the amount of food coloring it would take to color frosting, nor the steady hand necessary to make a good-looking frosting-target.  Then I cam up with a great idea!  White Chocolate targets!  They still were semi-pastel in color, but they turned out fantastic!  

First I printed off a page of arrows and a page of targets the size I wanted.  I taped them to the counter and put parchment paper over the top (and taped that down too)

Then I set to melting my white chocolate.  I got them from Winco in the bulk section. So melting chocolate.... Not my strong point... so for good instructions on that, sorry, you'll have to look somewhere else...  First I did the white outer ring.  I put my melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle and squirted it onto the parchment paper.  So here is where I struggle.  The trick is to get the chocolate good and runny, but not too hot or it will just seize....  But it it isn't hot enough it won't come out... like I said, good luck!  Next I did the red rings, then the blue and yellow.  

I used plain semi-sweet chocolate chips for the arrows!

Add some greed frosting and stick 'em on top and there you have it!  Robin Hood cupcakes!  I used a paring knife to smooth the white edges, but obviously they're not perfect, but I'm sure with some practice I can get some awesome ones in the future!  

Post pictures of your creations!  I want to see what you can do!!!

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