Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Grilled Steak Tacos - Yum!

This is super simple, and one of our FAVORITE meals!

Recently our local grocery store had beef roasts for less than ground beef... what?!?  So I bought several and cut them down!  I cut some into 'steaks' some into chunks for stew and some into strips for tacos and fajitas... oh yeah, and left on as a roast for Sunday dinner.  

For this meal I used the strips of beef, marinated them with my fajita seasoning mix, orange juice, soy, worchestershire sauce, and olive oil.

Then I sliced onions and green peppers and tossed them on the grill!  Yum!

Once the meat was done I took it off and warmed some corn tortillas on the grill.

Add some fresh salsa and sour cream and YUM!

Definitely a family favorite!  Enjoy!

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