Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lunch! Pasta-Reimagined

We eat a LOT of mac-n-cheese around here... too much really.  When Winco had their case-lot sale we bought 50 boxes of the stuff!  2 cases! Yeah, we eat that much.  Ok, really my boys eat that, I eat whatever miscellaneous leftovers I can find in the fridge.  My husband takes most of them from the night before, so it's generally quite the hodgepodge for me!

So today I decided to do something different!  Voila!  Pasta reimagined!

Ok, so nothing real fancy, but it sure beat what was in the fridge!

First, the spiral pasta, just cooked to the texture you prefer.  Then I sprinkled it with Italian-salad dressing seasoning and butter (the heat melted the butter).  Give the butter a minute to moisten the seasoning.  I used this recipe, however, if you make it just for the pasta, use about half the salt, it is intended to be diluted by oil and vinegar.  Another option would be to drizzle dressing over the noodles.  I chose not to because I wasn't sure the boys would like the acidy from the vinegar, but I think it sounds awesome. 

Then of course were the grapes

and biscuits left from Sunday dinner (butter and honey, yum!).


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