Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey

Mr. A was quite enthralled with October and Halloween and after Halloween was over kept asking when we would dress up again.  Our decorations in the house didn't change very much (I mostly just do 'Fall' rather than Fall, Halloween, the Thanksgiving) so that really didn't help much.  So we started our,
Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey!

Basically I took a piece of butcher paper and cut a large circle, a much smaller circle, and a rectangle to make the base for our turkey.  Then I cut feathers out of construction paper.  Each night at dinner (or sometimes at other times throughout the day) we asked Mr. A and Mr. C what they are thankful for.  At first we had to help Mr. A think about something, but within a couple of days he was really getting the hang of it!  Mr. C kind of got it, but let me tell you, e-i-e-i-o is on this turkey 3 or 4 times! (Currently one of Mr. C's favorite books and song!)  

Try it yourself!  What do you and your family come up with?  How many feathers can you be thankful for??  This was a great way to teach the concept of being thankful as well as focus on the blessings we have before the Christmas season gets here!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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