Monday, November 30, 2015

25 Days of Christ - Countdown to Christmas!

My kids are still young, Mr. A is 3 and Mr. C is 18 months, but I still want them to not be stuck on the gifts and gimmies at Christmas!  It is really important to me that they learn why we celebrate Christmas and are reminded frequently throughout the holiday season.  

After some search I found an awesome 25 Days of Christ countdown that takes you through Christ's birth and life.  Perfect!  The only thing was, I am just too cheap to buy it!  (That and let's be honest, grad students really don't make all that much.)  So more research!

Next I came across Housewife Eclectic who had put together her own ornaments with the scriptures from the 25 Days of Christ countdown, and I loved what she had done!  You can check her version out HERE.  In fact, I would recommend downloading her printable with a list of the scriptures and an ornament idea for each of the 25 days!  I'm not even going to try to recreate it because I like what she did so much!

But here are the first 7 days of my version of the 25 Days of Christ - Countdown to Christmas!

My Tree: only about 18 inches tall, I think I bought it for $1 as a freshman in college!

Day 1: The Birth of Christ - Star

I used several small sticks about 4in long and hot glued them together where they intersect.  Once the glue had cooled I wrapped jute around the corners for extra strength and to hide the hot glue!  Then I put a spiral of wire on the bottom of the star to attach it to the tree.

Day 2: Announcement to the Shepherds - Shepherd's Crook

One pipe cleaner, 9 red beads, 9 green beads.  

Day 3: Three Wise Men - 3 Crowns

Housewife Eclectic did three crowns her first year, but on her printable, now uses three clothespin dolls.  I liked the crowns so I cut three crowns out of a toilet paper roll and painted them yellow!

Day 4: Boy Jesus in the Temple - Mini Scriptures

White paper on the inside, black construction paper outside, one staple in the middle.  Done!  I also wrote the reference for Day 4 on the inside.

Day 5: Baptism of Jesus - Dove

There is a dove pattern in the printable, but I liked this one better.  I just cut out the dove, used the blanket stitch to attach the wing and around the edge.  Black paint for the eye.

Day 6: Fishers of Men - Fishy!

I used the pattern in the printable for the fish and the blanket stitch again to finish it off!  White and black paint for the eye.

Day 7: Sermon on the Mount - Candle

All this candle is made of, is a clothes pin, red felt and yellow felt.  So handy, it just clips right on the branch!

Days 1-7!


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