Saturday, November 28, 2015

Color Matching - Airplane Entertainment!

We recently flew North to visit my family and though the flight was only 1 1/2 hours, I was a bit nervous about having two very active toddlers on a plane!  Mr. A had his own seat, but Mr. C rode in my lap!  So I scoured around for some ideas and came up with a few new games that won't take much space in our 'personal items.'

I used:
The bottom 17in or so of an old pair of my husband's pants.  
Why 17 inches? Because that was just below the hole in the knee!
Rectangles of fabric, 1 1/2 x 3 inches for each color of the rainbow
four colored craft-sticks in each color of the rainbow
(Purchased at the dollar store, 100 for $1!)
(not pictured) one hair elastic

 From here I sewed each of the rectangles to the fabric, sides touching and hemmed the base fabric all the way around.  I then attached the hair elastic 1/3-ish of the way up on one side.

I have a stash of hair elastics specifically for sewing!  I found a really good idea on these simple black elastics and keep them in my sewing desk just for this purpose.

 Now all you do is fold down the top and roll it up and the sticks won't fall out in travel!

 All rolled and ready to go!

Then the kiddos can take the sticks out and sort them!  This is a great opportunity to talk about colors, especially with Mr. C (Mr. A pretty much knows his colors), to work on sorting and matching, besides just being fun!  And so simple!

This entire project cost me nearly nothing as I already had everything on hand!

Mr. C LOVED playing with this on the plane!  It was lots of fun!  Someone even asked to take a picture of it so she could reproduce it later!  Have fun!

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