Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stocking Hangers!

Last year we put our Christmas tree in front of our fireplace because I was stubborn and thought it was the only place it could possibly go... Well, I have since adjusted to things, figured out our house a bit better, and have realized, that is simply not the best place for the tree!  For one thing, our stockings got draped over a chair because we had nowhere to hang them!  Once I decided the tree would go in a different corner I knew I had to find a way to hang out stockings!  Since we rent, screwing in hooks like my parents use seemed like a bad idea.  Stocking hangers that perch on the mantle seemed like the best idea, but being the cheap-o I am sometimes I couldn't bring myself to buy them!  I got to thinking though, and decided I could make them no problem-o!

First, Four pieces of 2x4.  Honestly I didn't even cut them, they were leftovers from another recent project!

Next I sanded down all the corners

Four sticks, about 2-3 inches long

I drilled holes in the end of each 2x4 and hot-glued the sticks in.
(The sticks were actually pretty snug by themselves, the hot glue was simply a precaution)

Then a coat of stain

Oops.  Guess I stained first, glued sticks in second...

Then I hot glued four big pinecones on the top of each piece of wood.  I used scrap sticks and globs of glue to level them out as needed.


And the Stockings are now hung with care!

My Grandma made each of these stockings for me and my family.  Each is made from a pair of Jeans with a cute little pocket on the front.

I don't think that they would be able to support full stockings, but for the rest of the Christmas Season, they will display our unique stockings very well!

Merry Christmas!!!

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