Monday, May 30, 2016

The Many Uses of Diaper wipes!

Every momma has them.  But do we truly utilize them as much as we can?  I use them EVERYWHERE!  Seriously though, I have a package on the changing table (obviously) in the boys bathroom, the master bathroom, the kitchen, the garage and my car and my husband's truck!  Often they can be found outside and in the living room as well!  So I give you, the many many uses of diaper wipes! 45 in fact!

*To change Diapers ;)
*Wipe dirty hands and faces after meals
*to wipe countertops
*to wipe floors (marker, paint, stickies, mud, etc.)
*to wipe chairs

*to clean windows of fingerprints
*to clean up the red juice your children somehow talked you into
*wipe acrylic paint off the tile floor... the walls, the table, the windows, etc....
*clean up potty accidents
*wipe down the potty after dribbles

*wipe paint off projects that drip
*wipe paint off the garage floor
*wipe paint off your shoes
*wipe paint off your hands/arms/legs/feet
*wipe paint off just about anything!

*clean grime off the inside of your car (the dash, doors, windows, steering well, etc.)
*Clean gunk off carseats, you know, all those nasty unidentified-goobers...
*wipe dog slobber off of.... well anything!
*wipe baby spit-up off baby, yourself, the floor, well, just about anything!
*clean grime off of doorknobs

*clean grime off light switch plates
*Dust your house!
*help someone who is bed bound feel clean
*clean dirt off of tools, floors
*clean dirt off of people (aka my very boy-boys)

*spiffy up dirty-dirty shoes
*clean bird poop off of, well, anything
*squish unwanted bugs
*pick-up yuck-ness
*use them on your swifter mop instead of the pricy mop pads. (If those don't fit, costco sanitizing wipes are the perfect size!

*wrap them around your duster to clean up spider webs
*clean wood putty off of stuff
*wipe up nail polish (sometimes, if it's still very wet.)
*clean toothpaste and other miscellaneous gunk off of the sink in the bathroom
*clean grime off of your keyboard

*wipe down your phone
*de-sticky-ify just about anything!
*spit-bath while camping (seriously, nothing feels so good as wiping down with a wipe when you're grimy and can't shower!)
*clean dirt and sand off your feet while hiking to avoid blisters
*clean anything while camping

*keep clean in an emergency situation!
*cleaning cake off a new bride's face (from recent experience!)
*wrap around flower stems to get them home without water
*wipe down your fridge/stove/glass doors of fingerprints
*clean surface spills off a couch/chair/carpet

Bonus Round!
*Clean Desitin off when used as sunscreen (a story for another day...)

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