Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Desk Fixer-up

Our town has a month bulk waste pick-up and people get rid of all sorts of old, but still useable stuff! We've picked up a plastic kiddie slide and picnic table, the shoe cubby I posted about recently, several random chairs, two garage shelves, and most recently two desks.  Now these desks I don't need personally but I saw the potential and I'm hoping I can refinish them and then sell them!

So this is how it started.  The top is a little water-damaged and the paint is peeling and faded.  It also had knobs on the drawers.

I started by wiping all the dust and grime off.  Thank you diaper wipes!  I was going to sand off the paint, got the paint off the drawers and decided to stop there.  I used putty to fill a few holes, including a large chunk that was missing off the back corner, and glued, clamped and nailed down with some finishing nails the warped corner of the desk.

I painted the hole thing, except for the drawers, a super dark-charcoal color (practically black, I think it's called 'carbon' from Behr paint) and stained the drawers with and espresso stain.

I went to my favorite antique store and found these awesome drawer pulls in their original packaging for only $2.50 each! 

And voila!  From trash to treasure, the power of a fresh coat of paint!

Now to sell it so it doesn't sit in my front room forever!  (of course, if it doesn't maybe I'll talk my husband into keeping it and replacing his old desk! shhh...)

Can anyone tell me anything about the pulls I used?  The era maybe?

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