Friday, June 3, 2016

Mom Messes - Desitin is the New Sunscreen...

Well, really, Desitin is probably not an advisable substitution for sunscreen, but that was my Mr. A's explanation for this MESS

The conversation went something like this,
Mr. A: Look Mom!
Me: Ahhh!             .
Mr. A: I put on my sunscreen!
Me: That's not sunscreen.... :'(

The white stuff everywhere... where all those arrows are and more... yeah, that's all desitin, a nice thick layer of desitin... Yuck!

Just in case you ever find your self in this situation let me tell you,

It does not just rinse off in the shower

Normal soap/shampoo (we still use Aveeno baby shampoo) does nothing

Dish soap does nothing!

I finally ended up using Goo Gone (found in the automotive/home improvement section, not the laundry section) first to loosen the gunk, then before rinsing sudsing up with that dish soap I tried earlier!  It got most of it off of Mr. A, but then there was the matter of around his eyes (which by the time we got to the shower and figured out how to get it off was rubbed all over his face in a fairly even coat).  

It was then that I discovered that the easiest way to get it off (and probably would've saved me quite the hassle) was to wipe it off with a wad of diaper wipes!  I got it all off from around his eyes no problem-o  

As for the tile, another diaper wipe

And the carpet.... well some of it is still there.  I covered it in baking soda and that helped quite a bit, but then they played in that and spread it all over so I didn't get it all out.  Yet.

(That being said, he has but desitin on the carpet before and I can tell you that the baking soda does work, it just takes time to pull all the oils out of the carpet!)

Oh, and his clothes still have it on them.  I need to get more Goo Gone, but haven't been anywhere they sell it yet and life has been crazy.  Tomorrow maybe?  So I can get them off my dryer?

That is all.  Just thought I'd share my findings from one of my more difficult messes!

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