Friday, May 27, 2016

Kitchen Table Refinish

Recently my sister-in-law offered me their old kitchen table.  They bought it when they were first married and they now have 5 kids and just don't fit around it anymore!  Our table is getting pretty small for us so it was good timing for us!  The only problem was that it just wasn't my style...  It's a great table, sturdy great wood, but I didn't love the color.

So I went online and found some great table refinish jobs that I fell in love with!  So we told her yes we would love it and I got to work!

Did I mention it comes with 6 chairs too?!

First I sanded down the w.h.o.l.e. thing!  The top didn't take too long, but the side design and the feet took forever! 

Side note, I've always just used whatever sandpaper, the cheap stuff from Walmart, but this time I tried the 3m, pink, fancy paper and let me tell you!  That stuff just takes it right off!  Additionally, the paper lasts a lot longer too!  Worth the tiny bit extra it was to buy it for sure!

Next I flipped the table over and painted the feet!

Now, I didn't bring the feet all the way down to wood.  One, there were way too many curvy surfaces, and two, I wanted to paint it black so I really didn't need to do anymore than bring it past the old clear-coat.

I newspapered the table top so I wouldn't get any black spots on it, and it was good because I did drip a few times!

As you can kind of see here I didn't worry about complete coverage the first time, I really just wanted a base coat down that would hold additional coats well.  I ended up doing 3 solid coats with plenty of time to dry in-between.  The paint was actually kind of interesting, it is Behr paint, Carbon colored, but when it goes on it looks navy blue!  While I was applying it I was was thinking, man, I really hope it dries black!  It did, but I was a titch worried!

Once it was dry I flipped the table back over (leaving all the newspaper on to protect the feet).

Then I stained it with a _______ poly-shades minwax stain.  In retrospect and so you know, there's nothing wrong with using a poly-shades stain, but it can be finicky when doing a coat of polyurethane later.  It has a looooooong drying time. 

(poly-shades stain are stain and polyurethane in one.  Because they are together you don't technically need a polyurethane over the top, but an additional coat gives the shine of a finished piece and in this case protection on a table top!)

I did not let it dry long enough and this happened....

So my amazing husband came home and spent a couple of hours sanding the top off again....

Here is the table after I finished staining it!  I let it dry for nearly 24 hours!  No pooling this time!  I did three layers of polyurethane on the top and two on everything else.  Done! and just in time!  I finished the night before we headed out of town!  

I love it!  Now to decide what to do with the chairs!  I can't decide between painting them all red or so they match the table (stain the seat, everything else black), or all black.  What do you think?  Or something totally different?  Let me know in the comments!

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