Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cute as a Button - Dinosaur Button Art!

Some friends and I got together to make this awesome Valentines decoration,

And while we were there we had three... yes THREE potty accidents.  Just too much fun with a bunch of friends I guess!

So by the time we got back, Mr. A needed some loving' and attention!  Mr. C went down for his nap before we got home (we were like 2 minutes from home! :D ) and me and Mr. A got to work!

First we found a dinosaur that Mr. A liked,

(Sorry he's upside down!) Then we cut him out of felt.

Next we got to work glueing the buttons on!

We started by going around the dinosaur's outline

Then filled in the rest!  We also layered the buttons a bit to cover holes and add extra dimension!

Next we took it outside and spray painted the buttons!

Green for the body,

Blue for the spikes!

While the paint dried we painted a canvas with a palm tree and sun!  I simply found a palm tree I liked online, printed it, cut it out and filled it in with paint!  Where the tree went over the edge I painted around the corner so if you see it from the side  it continues around the edge.

Finally, we glued on the dinosaur and his spikes!  

Mr. Dinosaur now hangs over Mr. A's bed!

Cute as a button!

This guy we did basically the same way!  I cut the heart out of burlap first (quick tip: I actually found a heart I liked online first, printed and cut it out, then cut it from the burlap!  I didn't trust myself to make a symmetric heart!).  Then I glued on a bunch of miscellaneous buttons, then spray painted it red, just like the dinosaur.  On the canvas I marked then painted some black lines and then the 'forever' on the bottom.  (you could also do 'you + me' or 'love' or any variety of things!)  Once the paint dried I glued the heart on the canvas!

A bag of only red buttons ranged from $3-$10 so we opted for a $1 bag of random buttons, thus the red paint.  I was concerned that I would end up with a flat, one color heart, but I didn't lay the paint down too thick so the shade of the original buttons came through enough that I ended up with dark, medium, and light buttons in the heart.

Enjoy!  Share pictures of your button art!

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