Monday, February 29, 2016

Favorite Blankey Fix-up!

Mr. A & Mr. C both have a favorite blankie that is a must for comfort!  Got a cold, where's the blanket?  Bumped your head, find your blanket!  Tired?  Find that blanket!  When Mr. C was just starting to talk he would reach for his blanket and say "me? me?" as a result his blanket is now  named 'Meme.'

So these blankets are obviously very important to our well being, and as a result, 3 1/2 years has taken a bit of a toll on Mr. A's Blanket!

These blankets were made for them by my Mom when they were born, which makes them extra-extra special!

But the edges are starting wear out...

I was getting to the point that every time I had to wash his blanket I was worried if it was going to fall apart more... :(  

So it was time to find a solution!  Even Mr. A was starting to notice the holes and was becoming worried about his favorite comfort!

I started with two packages of the 1/2 inch wide bias tape in almost the exact same color as the back of the blanket.  Depending on the look you like, it might be worth getting the wider stuff, I think it's like 5/8 or something, In the long run I like the 1/2 inch look, but it doesn't cover the whole binding from before, however, if you want it to cover the old, just get the wider stuff :)

Pretty much just sew it like any binding (which, to be totally honest, I am no good at!  If you want a good binding tutorial, this is not the place.  Sorry!) Open it up and sew it down one side.

Then flip it over and sew it down the other side

Voila!  No more ragged edges that threaten to fall apart completely!  As you can see from the last two pictures, the old binding (the kind you fold over rather than bias tape) shows through my fix, but I kind of like it!  To me it allows the love of both my mom and me,  Grandma and Mommy, to show on the blanket.

Mr. A was sooo excited to see the fix!  He kept telling everyone, 'my Mommy fixed my blanket,' 'My blanket's not broke anymore, my Mommy fixed it.'  He is such a cutie!

Good luck!  I would love to see your little ones' favorite blanket or other comfort item!

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