Saturday, January 30, 2016

How to Clean Copper - You Won't Believe How Easy it is!

My mom gave me this copper bow while we were visiting over the Christmas holidays.

She has had it for a while and it had become tarnished

I did a little research and found the easiest fix you've ever heard of!

I almost guarantee EVERYONE has this ONE ingredient to clean the tarnish off copper


That's right, ketchup!

All you do is wipe ketchup on the tarnished copper surface and let it sit.  No scrubbing, no rubbing, just let it sit 10-15 minutes.

Now rinse it off and...

I'm not kidding!  No scrubbing, just the patience to let it sit, then rinse!

This bow now hangs above my sink next to the window and it sparkles in the sun!

See what I told you?  Couldn't be easier!

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