Friday, February 5, 2016

Primary Chorister Staples

Every chorister has them, and everyone's are different!  Those go-to, use almost every week, great for when you're in a bind, activities!

Mine are simple so far, but I've used them lots already!

First, the dice!  These are awesome, each  side of the cube has a different picture.  Pick a child to roll the dice and then sing in the manner it says on the dice!

Blank Cube (Note: I do not claim the cube!  I got this design from
Add your own pictures!

The Children - Children only
Mouse - Quiet as a mouse
Bee - Buzz the chorus
Teachers - Teachers only
Girl - Girls only
Boy - Boys only

Jump rope girl - Hop up and down while singing (maybe just the chorus)
Piano - No piano (or only piano if you need a break or want them to listen more)
Flamingo - Stand on one leg
Stop light - Use Stop and Go sign (see on down a bit)
Giraff - Stand up tall!
Lion - Loud like a lion! (you'd be amazed how well this works!  Make sure you tell them it still needs to be pretty though!)

NOTE: NONE OF THESE ARE MY PICTURES.  I DO NOT CLAIM ANYO OF THEM, I FOUND THEM ALL ON GOOGLE!!!  If anyone claims one of these pictures and would like me to take it off, please let me know and I will gladly take care of it! :D

And then there's my Stop and Go sign.  You probably know the drill, but basically you hold up the sign and randomly flip it between 'stop' and 'go.'  This really gets the kids to pay attention, no one wants to be the only one singing!  (you can use this with or without the cube!)

Lets see, oh yes, one more!

I haven't had to use this one yet, but if you have a 'energetic' (you know, rowdy, antsy, noisy, chatty, etc....) primary, this one can be useful to help them remember how to be reverent.

Basically you would just talk about it from time to time and hang this somewhere they can always see  it, and if they're having a rough time just stop, raise up five fingers and wait.  Maybe say something like 'give me 5 guys, give me 5.'

Good luck!  If the documents won't let you download them for some reason, let me know and I'll fix them!

Again, I know the images I used aren't my original work.  So, if you do own them and would like me to take them down, please, let me know!  I would be happy to!

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