Monday, February 22, 2016

Easy Mongolian Grilling!

There's a great Mongolian-grill-style restaurant around here but it's kind of expensive for our tastes!  So I made some right at home!  It was so good I didn't even get a chance to take a pic of the final product! (lesson (maybe) learned! Take pictures before calling the boys to dinner!)

Super easy, great date night activity!

Cook up your protein!  Today it was a can of chicken (cooked) so it was really just a couple minutes to warm it up and season it a bit.

Veggies!  Today I used a frozen bag of 'stir fry veggies.'  Tasty!  They are about $1 at Frys and just the right portion for our family!

Ramen Noodles!  Or whatever noodles you choose.  Just be sure to undercook them a bit as they cook when you put it all together and can turn nasty and mushy.

Bonus Points:  If you have a wok toss it in and cook it all together

If Not
Hey!  We can be wok-less buddies!  I used my electric griddle for this, but more sides would be better.  Sometimes I'll use two frying pans to do this in an attempt to make a smaller mess, but honestly it just makes a mess!

Once you mix it all together, add soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and one egg (beaten and watered down) or whatever sauce you like!

once the egg is cooked, serve and Enjoy!

What is your favorite combination?  Comment below!

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