Friday, November 4, 2016

Thankful Tree

Last year as we hit November we realized Mr. A really didn't understand the concept of being 'thankful.'  As such I created our thankful turkey!  It was really simple, a big circle of butcher paper a smaller circle and rectangle for a neck and head and a bunch of construction paper feathers.  

Starting the beginning of November every night before we ate dinner everyone would say something they were thankful for!  Mr. C often said e-i-e-i-o as he knew the dying but still had a generally small vocabulary, and Mr. A repeated what we said a lot at first, but with time he started to come up with his own things, like cheese, airplanes, & grapes.
We still have our thankful turkey in the wall, but this year we added a thankful tree to remove us to be thankful again!
All I did was cut out a trunk from one sheet of construction paper and the place where the branches split from another piece, then used the scraps to make the branches longer. Then I cut leaves from different colors of paper and put them in a container with markers and tape. Mine is an old butter tub that I wrapped in fun paper.
Now every night we write on another leafand stick it on our tree.  I figure by Thanksgiving we should have a fully leafy tree!!!

How do you remember to be thankful this time of year?


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