Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Favorite Blanket fix - Round 2

Do you remember when we did a Favorite Blankey fix-up?  It was, oh, 6 months ago I put a new binding on Mr. A's favorite blanket to save it from certain destruction!

Well despite efforts by my mom to get him a new blanket, this is still his blankey and still crucial to bedtime!  He has gone to bed without it (a stark improvement over not that many months ago) but it is still his go-to-comforter!  Well, now the problem is all the ties are coming out!

All the red-paw prints are missing ties... (they seem clustered closer at the top because of the angle the pic was taken at.  The are all very even placed in reality)!  The yellow circles are untied-ties just waiting to come out!  The rest of them are just little knobs of yarn.  I tell you he loves his blanket!

So, it was time to re-tie his favorite blankey!

I know there's probably at least one person out there thinking, good grief! time to put away that blanket and move on!  He's old enough!  Well, that's not how I do things, and hey, I love a challenge! It doesn't hurt anything to let him have his favorite blanket and he won't take it to kindergarten!  (or then again maybe he will, as a smaller version of the current blanket, but that really won't hurt anything either!)  

So first thing I did was borrow a quilting frame from a lady in our ward.  I wish I had one of these myself, but that just isn't feasible right now!  So you could totally use the big wood frames that are so common, that it is what this blanket was originally quilted on, but I just didn't want that in my house and it is such a small blanket, I really wanted something smaller!  


I tell you, I want one!  This is a Q-Snap Floor Frame.  So snazzy!  Check it out!  you just use the plastic grips to snap the blanket around a pvc frame!  The frame takes less than 5 minutes to assemble  and very, very little storage space!

After I put the blanket on we started to snip the ties that remained and re-tie the missing ties.  My Husband and I just tied as you normally would, working our way around!  

Mr. A & Mr. C both helped us best they knew how.  We ended up putting them to bed and finishing it later that evening, but all said it took us no more than an hour!

Mission Accomplished!  I have, yet again, given his blankey a few more months of life!  Until next time!

What have you done to rescue your little's favorite comfort item?

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