Tuesday, November 8, 2016

At it Again! Wedding Flowers - Part 4

Can you believe it??  I'm at it again!  More wedding flowers!  This round is not super elaborate, but still going to be a lot of fun!  This time we are doing silks for the bridal pictures and the centerpieces on the tables.  Then the day of the wedding, there will be live for the wedding party, etc.  

Silks are always a bit of a toss up with silks, some are awesome, some are, meh.  But these ones are really nice and I have to admit, it is really nice to be completely done with the centerpieces and be 4 days out from the wedding!  

So here is what we have!

Bridal Bouquet, before it was wrapped!

Aftermath of our living room from the bridal bouquet!

One of the biggest struggles with silks tends to be the stems.  Some of the nicer ones have realistic looking stems, but they still often come in bunches and the stems on bunches are always super-super skinny.  To combat this I used the super long, nice stems, that extended below the length I needed.  After I wrapped the original stems I hot glued the extra stems anywhere that was lopsided or skinnier to make a nice rounded and fat!

Then I wrapped the stems again with the tape 

Then I wrapped the stems with ribbon and lace as normal.


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