Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wedding flowers

Remember how I said I was really busy, wedding, funeral, family, family, family, etc. Well I'm finally getting around to posting pics of the flowers that I did for the wedding!  Ok, so really it was a group effort, but I did do the Bride's bouquet, half of the bridesmaids nosegays, and all of the boutonnieres.   my two sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law wrapped all of the flower crowns and I finished off about half of them (pretty wire-stuff and lace)  It was so much fun!  Perhaps someday I will do tutorials on bouts, corsages, and bouquets, but today, just enjoy the gorgeous flowers!

Grooms Boutineer

Groom's Bout and his four Grooms mens' Bouts

All together

Flower Crowns!
Bride's (far left) 2 mothers/4 bridesmaids and four flower girls 

The Bride's Bouquet is in the middle with the two bridesmaids on either side!

Congrats you two!

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