Friday, April 15, 2016

Egg Shakers!

I made these egg shakers for nursery one week around Easter, but they are awesome all year round!

These are just a bunch of plastic eggs from my easter collection. 

All you need is,

Glue gun
Plastic eggs
Something to go inside.  I chose rice because it's not a choking hazard and vacuums up!

First thing I put glue in the little air holes in the eggs so the rice didn't fall out!

Learn from my mistakes though... Don't hold your hand under the holes while dripping glue in.  Owie!

Next I scooped in maybe a teaspoon of rice.

For this step you want your hot glue really runny.  I just let it sit on high for a while so it's way hot.  Then put a bead of glue around the lip where the egg shuts.

Then hurry and shut the egg!  If the glue is hotter, it sets slower, and thereby you have more time to get the egg shut correctly!

Then, because I was making these for toddlers, I wrapped washi tape around the seam for an extra level of protection.  Now honestly, if they did get opened up there's nothing to choke on and the mess would vacuum.  But hey, no reason to make it easy!

All done, and super easy!  The kids loved them!  So fun, so easy, and the perfect size for little hands to hold!  Be sure to show me your creations!

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