Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Quick & Easy Air-freshener!

I have boys.

Enough said?

I'd say so!

Sometimes their bedroom stinks, sometimes their bathroom stinks, (who am I kidding, it always smells funny...) and I needed something simple, non-toxic, and not 'girly' smelling.

This is really so simple. All you need is,

A baby food jar (or other jar, I just like the size!)
Baking soda
Essential oils of your choice (I've used lavender, lavender and peppermint, and OnGaurd)
Burlap (or you could use any 'hole-y' fabric)

First, fill up your jar with baking soda!

 Then add your essential oils.  I used 5-10 drops, depending on how strong you like it (start small and add more if you want more.)  You can either mix/shake the soda in the jar or pour it out and mix it.

Using the lid to the jar (which you won't need after this) cut your fabric to 2 or so inches bigger on each side than the lid.  you may want more for a bigger jar.  Cut more than you think, you can always take away, but never add!

Then, using the rubber band, put the fabric over the top of the jar and secure it in place.

I then tied the ribbon over the rubber band.  I found that the ribbon was not enough to keep the fabric securely attached, the rubber band is though, and the ribbon hides it!


The soda absorbs the smells and the oils add deliciousness to the air!

If the room gets to smelling funny, just put your hand over the top of the jar and shake it up a bit!  (It is kind of really important you put your hand over the jar.  If you don't, soda will go everywhere!)

Shaking it will put fresh soda and smells to the top, refreshing it's deodorizing abilities.  It will look like this though.

Just give it a tap or two and a brush with your finger and it will look good as new!

 Voila!  I have one in our bathroom, one in the boys bathroom, and one in their bedroom, and they work great!  The boys' room has lavender oils, their bathroom has OnGuard (figured we could kill a few germs while we deodorize!), and our bathroom is lavender and peppermint, a combination I thought sounded odd, but I actually really love!

What are your favorite oil combos?  Show me what you create!

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