Friday, April 22, 2016

Let's Make Believe!

As you probably know by now, I have two boys that I love so, so much!  And being boys we have lots of bows and arrows, fireman hats, pirate garb, and capes, SO many capes!  I needed a place to put all of that sort of thing, but a 'dress-up box' seemed too, well, girly!

I opted instead for a "Make Believe Box."

So first I found myself a trusty diaper box!  Where would all of us moms be without our diaper boxes!

I folded the top tabs into the box so that when we move next I could pop them out and close the box up easily.

hmmm... I had pictures of the process, they are missing...

Then I rummaged through my fabric pile and found this great piece of cotton, green, and a tiny bit sparkly fabric, and quite a bit too!  Starting at the top and the middle of a side I started hot glueing my fabric to the box.  When I had a seam (there are two, but they are on the side and back!) I folded the fabric over and hid the glue underneath/inside so there are no raw edges.

Then I printed off the words "Let's Make Believe" (I totally wanted to leave that template here that you could print and use, but me and my computer are arguing over the ease of that... and I'm loosing... soon, maybe...) and some stars on my computer and traced them onto some double-sided-iron-on-stuff, as I call it (stitch witchery as it is technically called) and cut out the letters.  When you do this!  Either trace so the letters are forwards on the rough side or tell your printer to print it backwards (then trace so the words are backwards on the smooth side) or you will end up improvising and putting your S on backwards and your L on in two pieces and your E and Bs on upside down (no one can tell...).  Not that I speak from experience *wink, wink*

Then cut out and iron the double-sided-iron-on-stuff **wink, wink** first to a variety of felt.  Cut out again (this time the felt), peel off the paper side and iron them right onto the box!

Wahoo!  Easy-peasy make believe box (aka. dress-up box for boys!)

This box sits conveniently in our living room next to the TV and is always overflowing with capes and masks, dino tails, eye patches, fireman hats, bows and arrows, if it's cool for a little boy, we probably have it!  Enjoy!  Leave a picture of your creation in the comments, I'd love to see them!

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