Monday, April 11, 2016

That was a crazy few weeks!

Poof! I'm back!  Yikes!  You're probably thinking, what happened?!  We want to see the finished washstand!  Well... this isn't that post.  But soon!

You see I was cruisin' along and then BAM!  I realized it was the week before my family came to visit, which was the same week that my sister-in-law got married and I had NO laundry done and my house was an absolute disaster!

So I cleaned for a week.

Then played for a week!

While my family was here we listened to General Conference (more on that to come!) went to the zoo, rode bikes, did some geocaching, I did some wedding stuff while my parents watched my boys, and just generally had lots of fun!

Then in the middle of all of that there was a bachelorette party (nails and dinner!) and the day before the wedding we put together all the flowers for the wedding (this is my third wedding! eeee!  I just wish I could do more!).

Then, of course, was the wedding (which was amazing!  So beautiful!)

After the wedding was the fallout (no but really, you know, 48 hours of chaos while everything is put away, returned, cleaned, and family is all still in town!).  I thought we might finally stop and breathe. Turns out we have one more event this week, but then we should be good for a while (yeah right.  But if I pretend right now, maybe I can relax?)

Now I'm going to go drink some hot chocolate and relax!

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