Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Potty Training - Round 3 . . .

Here we go again!  This is solidly the THIRD time we have attempted potty training for Mr. A and this time I am DETERMINED that it WILL stick!  The last time we did it was in September, right around Mr. A's third birthday.  We stuck it out for about a month before we quit.  He could DO everything, hold it, successfully use the potty, etc., he just CHOSE NOT to.  We decided we would give him the month of October and then try it again.  Well, we got to the end of October and I don't remember exactly what happened, but I think we got a cold, and we just didn't get back to it between the cold and Thanksgiving then Christmas.  

Well it is TIME!  I'm soooo over spending $40 a month on diapers for the two of them (Yay for Sams Club that it's not more!) and changing way too many diapers!!!  

The last time we tried our biggest problem was he just didn't want to!  So this time was ALL about MOTIVATION!

We started with a fresh set of undies.  They didn't have any undies that he liked so we got a plain white set and decorated them ourselves.

We put dinosaurs on one pair, Super Why on a couple others, and Bob the Builder on another.

Two jars, one had 5 chocolate coins, the other is empty.  Every time he is dry and goes to the bathroom he can move a coin from the red jar to the treasure-chest jar.  When all five are moved over he can pick something from the treasure chest!

If he isn't dry or doesn't go he can still pick a sticker for his sticker chart

We also have a tub of old Cherrios for targets (they float and flush without issue)

I also keep a tub of sanitizing wipes handy

A basket of 'spare-pairs'

And Diaper wipes (we found that he didn't like the dry toilet paper as much)

Our sticker charts.  The top one was from the last go-around.  The SuperWhy one is from this time.  The green fishy is for Mr. C who likes to help ;)

We also keep a bucket next to the toilet for accidents

Until they finds their way in here (The washer)

So far Day one was totally accident free!  Day 2... well... not quite as well. we went through 5 pairs of undies and 3 pairs of pants... (I'm still not sure exactly how that worked out)  Hopefully it goes better going forward.

The good thing was he still remembered how to do it so we didn't have to start totally from scratch!

Here's to a good tomorrow!

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