Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Potty Training - Carseat Saver!

We're working on round 3 of potty training right now - that's right round 3...  This time we are going 100% undies only! (well, pull-ups at night, I'm just not ready for that step!)  This means even when we leave the house, which is scary!

Now I'm not much of a fan of disassembling my sons car seat, even though Mr. A's is way easier than Mr. C's, and I really don't want to do so every time Mr. A has an accident in the car.  So, I did some looking into 'piddle pads' and decided it was a great idea that I didn't want to pay for ;)  So I looked some more and came across these two designs,


I downloaded the pattern from the first link and added some width and length to the bottom of the pattern.  

Then I cut it out from a table cloth from an old project, an old towel, and two from some cotton flannel.

I layered them, bottom to top, towel, table cloth (right side up), Flannel (RSU) and Flannel (RSDown)

I sewed around, leaving an opening, turned it right-side-out, then top stitched all the way around

The next step is where the second link came in.

I made a arch shape and sewed the same layers as before (minus the towel) and followed the same steps.

I then sewed a looooong button hole and attached the arch from the back to make a protecting flap for the middle buckle

All done!  It fits nicely and is easy to remove.  I made two (and hope to make one or two more) so that if it is needed I can pull out the old one, install a new one and move on with things!

The hope of course is that any pee will be absorbed by the towel and flannel and the tablecloth will block it from getting to the carseat cover.  Depending on the quantity of pee, it may not absorb everything, but I am hoping that the tablecloth can keep it contained (it goes up the sides a titch and up the back.)  Good luck!  Be sure to show me how yours turns out!

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