Thursday, June 9, 2016

Handy Velcro Caddy

Mr. A wants a red bed, and I just see him wanting to change it in a couple months when his favorite color changes again!  So we compromised!  He is currently sleeping on my old bed, so it's a bit, well, girly.  So we are going to paint it a very neutral black, and we decided to make a red (and Jake) caddy to go on his headboard for snacks and books! So here's what we did,

First, I bought a 1/4 yard of red and a 1/4 yard Jake fabric.  This was enough for two bags, so a single 1/4 yard should be enough for one if you only want one fabric.

I cut :
1 each fabric for the main part
2 each fabric 2in x length of main square (top strip)
4 each fabric 3in x 5in (straps)
2 strips of velcro (both sides) about 2 in each

First, sew the straps, right sides together, on three sides and turn right side out.

Then sandwich the straps, insides together, between two long strips, right sides together, and stitch.  Also stitch the other set of long sides together

Attach long strips to top of large squares (right sides together)

Then put these pieces together (right sides together and stitch around three sides (two sides and bottom)

Line up the right side seam with the bottom and stitch across forming a triangle like so.  This will create a flat bottomed bag.

Turn right side out.

Attach velcro to ends of straps.  Be sure to pay attention to how it will velcro.  One piece goes on the outside, the other the inside.  I did the two sets of straps opposite of each other for strength.  

The should go together like so.

And you're done!  We strapped it on Mr. A's headboard and Mr. C's crib as a place to store drinks (water) books and the occasional snack. (I know you're not really hungry just want out of bed so I'll give you three crackers in a baggie-type snacks...)

There are so many potential uses for this bag!  If you made the straps short enough you could probably hang it from your handle bars or the cross beam of a bike.  This could be a handy caddy for a favorite chair, a walker or wheel chair, crib side (kiddo side or mommy side) for binkys or loveys.  The possibilities of this simple, basic bag are endless!  Enjoy!

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