Saturday, June 20, 2015

Patriotic Wreath!

July 4th is coming up and I'm excited!  There are lots of reasons to be excited, family gatherings is definitely one of them!  We have a lot of family coming into town because my husband's brother is coming home from his church mission a few days later!  (More on that to come)  So this last year we moved into a house from an apartment, so I finally have room to decorate for the seasons!  So here is my patriotic-4th of July wreath!

First, oh how I would love to paint my door a fun color!  Like Teal or Purple or Red or Yellow!  But Alas, HOA rules say probably not happening...

Anyway, first I needed a wreath form of the foam variety.  However, getting to the craft store to get one is sometimes a struggle with Mr. A and Mr. C so I improvised and it actually worked quite well!

Enter lime-green pool noodle!  This is just a plain ol' dollar store pool noodle and a little bit of duct tape!
UPDATE: The pool noodle is actually not a great option... turns out it sags from the weight of the felt, and alas, by the end of July I had an oval wreath instead of a circle wreath...  Take the time and $5 bucks and go buy one!  (so I don't really know exactly how much it will cost, but I do know they have them at Hobby Lobby and I do know that you can get a %40 coupon online or on their app always so that is a great place to start!)

Next, a quarter yard of Red and White felt and about 3/4 a yard of Blue.  
Cut the felt into 2-ish inch squares.  Really it doesn't need to be exact, but I do suggest making all of them pretty close to the same size, otherwise you will have high and low points on your wreath.

You will also need a box of the cheap, flat head, pins.  They run about $3 a box and I used most of a box.

I divided my wreath form into 12 even sections, 7 for red and white stripes and the other 5 for blue.  

Choose a color to start from and fold a square of felt in half diagonally,

Then in half diagonally again.  It doesn't have to be perfect by any means, in fact most of mine weren't because I liked the variety it added to the wreath!

Then put a pin through the point of the triangle and stick it on your wreath form!

Now do it again, and again, and again....  I worked on it for several evenings while my husband was doing homework after the boys had gone to bed.  This is one of those couple-of-movies kind of project.

As you go along fluff and separate the felt, if you don't you will end up needing a lot more felt to cover your wreath!

Once you are all done with the felt use some silver wire and wrap it around a marker to make the spring for the stars.  My stars are felt with glitter glue and hot glue to make them a little more stiff.  You could also use glitter felt or cardstock to make the stars.  Glue or otherwise attach the stars to the wire springs and stick them into the blue portion of the wreath.  I used five stars, but you can use however many you want.  I do suggest an odd number of stars.

In all this wreath cost me about $7-$8!  Not bad if you ask me!

In the end you get this!

Happy Independence Day!!!

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