Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DIY Non-Slip Rug!

So the only way from our house to our backyard is through the living room-sliding door.  Well that and our master bedroom sliding door.  So we have a lot of traffic through that door.  Now the other thing you have to know about us is that we recently (10 months ago) moved into our house, and the previous owners 1. had a thing for bushes, 2. had a thing with rock landscaping (seriously, I don't get it...) and 3. had let the yard go.  As such we have spent the last 10 months uprooting bushes, more aloe vera plants than I knew could grow in such a space, sifting rock out of the dirt (yuck!), the list goes on.  This makes for a lot of dirt in and out.  This combined with the fact that as it warms up (105 degrees today...) we have been playing in the water, means dust and water through the door!  So, I bought this rug.  $1 at the Dollar store!

But this rug spent more time looking like this than working like a rug...

So I made it into a non-slip rug!  Wahoo!  Basically I just made this lovely diamond-design with my trusty hot-glue gun all over the bottom of the rug.  Worked like a charm!

It still slides around a little bit (especially if the floor is dusty), but it doesn't crumple anymore, and it pretty much stays where I want it to be!  Win for this Mommy!

UPDATE: I just washed this in the washing machine (I did NOT dry it in the dryer, the spin cycle was enough... plus, it was 112 degrees today... all I have to do is stick it outside for 10 minutes and it's dry!) And it washed up great!  The glue is all still on the rug and it sticks great again! (I also mopped so all the fine dust that was letting it slip is gone!)

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