Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Operation: Eat More Veggies!

I have a two year old... enough said?  He doesn't like his veggies....  or really even food sometimes.  So lately we have been hiding veggies and good calories everywhere we can!

Mini-crust-less-keish! I whipped 6 eggs really well, then added finely grated cheese, small pieces of ham, fresh basil, and onions.  These would be good with anything you might find in an omelet. Then we baked and ate!  So Good!

Home Made Spaghetti Sauce!

I might do a more in-depth post on this later, but this really is a family favorite!
First! Saute garlic, onions, oregano, basil in olive oil until soft/translucent (don't burn!!!)  Add fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes (I like the petite-diced, canned tomatoes) and pretty much just cook until you're ready to eat!  You could puree it down if you'd like, but we generally just leave it chunky!

In an effort to add more veggies to the meal I purred in some zucchini....

Kind of turned the sauce orange.... didn't work as well as I hoped.

However!  The next time I made the sauce I just diced the zucchini super-duper tiny (like 1/8th inch cubes) and added them in.  No one seemed to mind and they didn't change the color or taste of the sauce!  Score one for Mommy!

Finally I made this for my toddler's lunch one day.  Apples sliced cross-way (which he surprisingly didn't eat...)  PB&J roll-ups (smash the bread flat, spread the PB&J then roll, add tooth picks and cut into slices) and the cheese chunks.  I think his favorite part was eating with the tooth picks!  Whatever the reason he ate well this meal! Always a plus!  What are some of your favorite ways to get your kids to eat??

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