Thursday, April 30, 2015

Valentines Day!

I didn't go all out, but I did have some fun with Valentines day!  It all started with Breakfast

French toast+Heart cookie cutter = Valentines-French toast!  

(we also ate the outside edges, because you loose nearly half the toast... however, if you're careful, you have a heart, and a heart outline... all cute!)

For dinner we had V-day mini-pizzas!  I stacked several pepperoni on top of each other and cut them with a tiny heart cookie cutter.  Then I sliced an entire baguette and put sauce, cheese, and a pepperoni heart on each piece and baked them about 350 until the bread got crusty and the cheese was melted :)  Made two meals for us! (me, my husband, and our 2 yr old)  (the idea came from here)

I also had some fun decorating for V-day this year.... something I hadn't done much of in the past.

I got inspiration from here


and here 

Feltheartgarland Main

Only I did it with construction paper and a stapler... then just threaded the hearts (no balls) on jute/twine.  The string was rough enough that the hearts didn't slide around too much.  

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of either of theses items, but they were super easy and looked great!  I'm saving both for next year!

Another fun thing my son loves is 'glittering'!  Essentially, I cut out construction paper shapes and he squishes dollar store glitter-glue all over them.  When they dry I hang them in our bay window to spiffy up the kitchen.  He LOVES this activity, and it is fairly clean... especially when I lock him in his brother's high chair while he does it to confine the mess to a small area (score one for mommy!)


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