Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Backpack Fix-up!

I switched to a small-ish backpack for my purse lately and love it!  It is super nice to be completely hands-free with two kiddos and plenty of space for my stuff and their stuff! (and way too much extra junk if I'm not careful!)  The bag has one big pocket and three small pockets with flaps that snap shut... Unfortunately I have broken two (almost three) of the snaps already, I really need them to stay shut though or stuff falls out when I toss it in the car.  Soooo I added a magnetic snap... the problem here is that it is, well, ugly...

So I went to the craft store and found some flowers that matched the bag...  

I cut the stem off as absolutely-positively short as I could!

I glued the flower back together (when you cut that much stem off, the flower just comes apart)

Then attached them to my bag over the ugly side of the new snap.

All done!  No more diapers, receipts, wallet, or anything else falling out of my purse!  Bonus: It's cute!

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