Monday, August 29, 2016

Birthday Games! Fire House!

Mr. A wants a Paw Patrol Birthday party this year!  For one of the games we decided to take one of his favorite activities, dart-less balloon game, and make it fit into the paw patrol theme!  Now Mr. A's favorite pup is Marshall, the fire-dog, so we decided to theme the party appropriately!

I give you the firehouse-balloon game!

I started with a foam-core board from the dollar store and a handful of orange and yellow balloons, and some blue confetti.

I painted the foam core to look like the front of a building with windows and a front door.  I sort of taped the roof on, but to be honest it kept falling off... When leaned against the wall it worked alright.

Yeah, I know it looks purple, but it really is blue!  for the confetti I simply ran a couple sheets of construction paper through our paper shredder!  Instant, personalized confetti!

Then I used a funnel and a stick to stuff the balloons full of confetti!

The morning of my husband blew up the balloons and we put the board together in the same way we did our dartless balloon game found HERE.  Then when it came time for the part we let each guest take a turn to throw bean bags and pop the balloons!  They thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever!  

Yay for tile floors that sweep up so easy!

Have fun!  Show me your creations!  How did you adapt the dartless balloon game to fit your party or event??


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