Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Life to Old Jewelry - Making Earrings

My Husband's Grandmother passed away last fall and this winter we helped to clean out her house to make a guest house (her house is attached to his parent's house).  While we were cleaning we found this necklace, one that everyone recognized and remembered, but was very broken.

It has sat on the counter since in a tub.  A family member is getting married soon and turquoise is one of the colors in the wedding.  I was looking at them and realized the beads would make gorgeous earrings.

So I set to work!  First I picked up a few items.  You will need:
-Head pins -or- eye pins
-Fish-hook ear wires (the earring part)
-Round nose pliers (or Needle nose pliers)
-Wire cutters

First, thread the beads on the pins.  I used the head pins for most of them, but the eye pin was necessary for some of the beads due to the size of the hole through the bead.  

Use the round nose pliers/needle nose to make a loop at the top of the beads and clip the extra off.  


Then open the loop on the earring a little pit and put it through the loop you just made.

Sorry the picture is upside-down.... it didn't want to flip...

 Close up the loop and push the bead and spring back into place.

First I created these four designs.

Then this bracelet. 

Then this necklace!

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome!  One necklace has turned into 7 pairs of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace!  I used fashion wire and twisty-clasps to make the necklace and bracelet.

I would love to see your creations!

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